Water Design & Water Meter Testing - Southland & Otago

Hi Farmers & Growers

You are the Producers of New Zealand and create the high quality Milk, Meat, Fruit & Vegetables that feed Us and the World.

I believe that food security / supply will be our greatest challenge as we progress through the 21st century with more climate variation and possible extremes.

At Campbell Water Design Ltd it is our purpose to support You and Your Businesses with the services we provide.

When we do so we are thinking about:
- Optimization, lets try and find the operational sweet spot.
- Resilience, this comes in many forms including people resilience (stoicism), systems resilience and climate resilience. 
- People and Processes, education, training and understanding the why's
- Environment, improvements and stewardship  
- Compliance, understanding, measuring & reporting. 

Why Work With Campbell Water Design Limited?

We think differently and enjoy the challenge, we listen, ask questions and really try understand what you are wanting to achieve.

We also don't sell any products, so we do our best to relay the facts without bias and stay independent.

We have qualifications as listed below but our greatest qualification is the experience gained doing the work and finding out what works and what doesn't at our own cost.

We continue to develop new skills to enhance the Services we provide:

- BSc (Lincoln) – Water Irrigation Technology & Water Management

Irrigation NZ Accreditation for Water Meter Verification Design & Technician Testing

- Irrigation NZ Accreditation for Irrigation Performance Assessment

- CAA Part 102 Unmanned Aircraft Operator Certificate

- MPTA – Dairy Farm Effluent Hydraulic Design

- MPTA – Pump System Hydraulic Design