Irrigation & Water Design Services Southland Otago

Offering a wide range of water meter verification, effluent consulting, irrigation and stock water design services, we are available to work with clients throughout the Southland and Otago. As independent water design consultants, we offer non-biased and solid advice on which systems and products best meet your requirements.

Focused on delivering solutions that best meet the needs of your business, our specific services include:

Water Meter Verification 

Since 2010, all Regional Councils require verification testing of water meters used for commercial purpose. Mechanical water meters require testing every year and electromagnetic or ultrasonic water meters require testing every 5 years. The Verification Test is required to provide evidence that that water meter reads with in +/- 5% in accuracy. At Campbell Water Design Limited, we can provide onsite farm and industry water meter testing of water meters with our calibrated test meters. We complete all paperwork required and submit this to your Regional Council on your behalf. Irrigation NZ Accredited for both Otago Regional Council and Environment Southland. Any questions please get in contact.

Farm Dairy Effluent Consulting & Testing 

We can review your existing farm dairy effluent system to help you improve its operation costs and efficiency, ensuring we address any environmental concerns and compliance issues. As we do not sell any equipment, you can be assured of receiving non biased and independent recommendations. We also test effluent irrigators and sprinkler pod systems for depth of application (mm) and rate of application (mm), as well as providing reports that you can submit to your local council to meet consent conditions and good farming practices.

Irrigation Consulting & Testing 

Providing professional and independent advice for irrigation systems in Southland and Otago, we work to identify ways which will improve your operation costs and efficiency, addressing any environmental and compliance concerns. We also perform irrigation uniformity tests to measure the performance of centre pivot irrigators, linear move irrigators, hard hose guns, traveling guns and roto rainer irrigators.

Irrigation & Farm Dairy Effluent Design 

Using IRRICAD design software, we provide a full irrigation design service for all types of irrigation and farm dairy effluent systems. We will talk through the options with you, including how it all comes together as a system, using a variety of mapping types to provide a detailed design, scope and materials list. 

Stock Water Design 

We provide a full stock water design service for all farm types (dairy, dairy support, deer, sheep & beef). We use IRRICAD design software in combination with a range of mapping types to provide you with a detailed design, scope and materials list for your project. As with all our water design consultancy services, we will discuss all of your options with you, including the operation and how the system comes together as a whole.

Other Water Design & Consultancy

If you have a request for any other water related design systems, please get in touch. Being flexible in our design approach allows us to design for a variety of subdivision, mining, industry, fire suppression, dust suppression and vehicle washing systems too. We welcome enquiries for all jobs, big and small.

Please contact Tim directly to discuss your water design requirements today.